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MD's Message

Someone has rightly said that the journey of a thousand miles always begins with the first step. But the journey becomes satisfying when achieving milestones becomes a habit.

Logistics is an industry where the service provider carries the commitment given to its clients from one place to another. After analyzing the market before our startup, we discovered that the biggest challenge faced by companies in India on the logistics front is "lack of transparency"from the Logistics Service Partners (LSP's).

We decided that in years to come we will make this our "core strength" thereon we at VIL are always enhancing our internal operations to ensure that our clients get consistent flawless services.

Theodre Levitt; Management Guru who is the author of famous article "Marketing Myopia" said

"There are no such things as service industries. There are only industries whose service components are greater or less than those of other industries. Everybody is in service."

He further proposed 3 additional P’s for services marketing; these are:-

  • People
  • Physical evidence
  • Process

We at VIL believe in the ideology of PSP which is
Right P EOPLE in the right job will provide
Right S ERVICE which will result in
        P ROFITABILITY for both our clients and for us

To survive the wind of changes in the service industry we always strive for excellence in whatever we do and look for a holistic approach in our growth,

As citizens of the earth we should not forget to contribute towards our environment and society. We would work on a continued plan to make both our work place and the place we dwell a better place to live.

The growth & eminence of VIL was the dream of a few has now prolonged and transformed into the dreams of many. In the pursuit to bring greater effulgence to VIL, we promise to meet the expectations of our clients, Both internal & external.

Vivek Juneja
Managing Director